Mines, mineral occurrences and land status for: Colombia, Ecuador, Central America, the Greater Antilles and Mexico.

                        These GIS databases, available in MapInfo or in ArcGIS format, include modules containing vector files for Geography, Geology, Tectono-stratigraphy, Mines and Prospects, Radiometric Dates and Land Status (metallic mineral concessions, national parks and areas of restricted mineral entry).

                        For detailed descriptions and for pricing information click on: Greater Antilles readme, Central America readme, Colombia readme, Ecuador Readme, Mexico readme or contact RdC.

                        Multi-element geochemical data, with a focus on stream sediment data, for: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama

                        The geochemical databases that are currently available (as vector files in MapInfo or ArcGIS format) include: Panama Gchem database, Dominican Republic GChem database, Nicaragua GChem database, Mexico Gchem database, Colombia Gchem database, and Ecuador Gchem database.


                        “This database is an excellent resource with comprehensive key data for mineral exploration in the Caribbean Basin. From my experience, I can tell that the content of the GIS database is very complete and the information is always current and thorough.”?

                        – Sergio Gelcich, Senior Geologist, Globestar Mining Company

                        “He trabajado 5 a?os en Panamá y Centroamerica, Recursos del Caribe ha sido la primera y mejor fuente de consulta geológica en exploración minera por su amplia experiencia en la Cuenca del Caribe; recientemente con Pan American Silver Corp, hemos adquiridos sus productos y estamos muy satisfechos por su contenido y la calidad de su información, es consulta obligada para quienes deseamos trabajar es esta regió??”

                        – Carlos Astorga Delgadillo, Gerente de Exploraciones, Pan American Silver Peru S.A.C.

                        Geophysical Surveys:

                        Recursos del Caribe has acquired and preserved geophysical survey images generated since the 1960’s by companies, government agencies, and the United Nations.? Geophysical survey data, as grd files, is available for certain areas.

                        The maps displayed on this web site (without the accompanying GIS databases) are available for free to students and professors. contact RdC.

                        Consulting Services

                        Recursos del Caribe, S.A. is a consulting firm specializing in metallic mineral exploration and development. Carl E. Nelson, president, brings decades of exploration and management experience to the company and, since 1987, has worked full time in the Caribbean Region.

                        Carl E. Nelson began his career as an exploration geologist for the Anaconda Copper Company in 1976. When Anaconda was acquired by ARCO, he took a position as a research geologist with Homestake Mining Company where he was responsible for modeling of the McLaughlin deposit and the development of exploration tools for hot spring precious metal deposits.

                        A 1980 visit to the Pueblo Viejo mine began a long association with the Caribbean region’s largest precious metal deposit and with the controversy over its origin.

                        In 1987, Carl won a Fulbright Faculty Research Grant to the University of Costa Rica and there began a full-time focus on the Caribbean Region.

                        In 1988, while living in Costa Rica, Carl founded Recursos del Caribe, S.A. (RdC) to provide a vehicle for his consulting work. After the turn of the millenium, Carl began taking positions in and with junior mining companies. He is a co-founder of Cuprum Resources, Riverside Resources and Atico Mining. He has served as an officer and director of Bellhaven Copper and Gold and Riverside Resources.

                        Carl is the co-discoverer of a number of ore deposits including McLaughlin (California), Hycroft (Nevada), San Andres (Honduras), El Aguila (Mexico), and El Roble (Colombia) as well as several deposits that have yet to go into production. His specialty is the early identification of properties with a real chance to develop into mines.

                        In recent years, Mr. Nelson has served as a mentor to graduate students who are working on topics pertaining to Caribbean geology. He continues to do field work but, increasingly, has focused on the metallogenic evolution of the Caribbean Region. He has compiled mineral occurrence and land status GIS databases for Mexico, Central America, the Greater Antilles, Ecuador and Colombia.

                        Copies of Mr. Nelson’s publications can be downloaded from: Published Articles

                        For more information, go to Carl’s Curriculum Vitae or?contact RdC

                        Keywords: Central America, Greater Antilles, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, mining, metallic minerals, exploration, precious metals, gold, silver, base metals, copper, lead, zinc, mining concessions, concessions, national parks, national forests, mines, mineral occurrences, prospects, radiometric dates, geologic maps, geology, shaded relief, DEM models, Caribbean, stream sediment geochemistry, geochemistry, GIS databases.








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